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 By Morris Gerbin

Sunset Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Sunset Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay


“Let Us Stay With You” Ritz Carlton

Half Moon Bay(Perfect Travel Today)6/31/15/–Our journey starts in California with a Drive up Highway One going north. If you ever have been on highway 1# in that direction, you know what a beautiful scenic drive it is. You have the wonderful hillsides to the right and of course the glistening Pacific Ocean to the left. Does it get any better than that? The weather was great,clear and sunny about 65 degrees which is just the way I like it.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

 As we approached Half Moon Bay,I was really getting excited. Then there it was Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Resort. It looks like everything you could dream of, as you drive in you have beautiful homes all around you and then you see the golf courses and there it is the Ritz Carlton in all its glory and beauty.First you go through a little gate,and the lady there was so sweet to let us in.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Gate Entrance

 We were running a little late, so first thing we did was went to go over to secure our tee time.The service there was excellent andthey took our bags out of our car. There is free valet parking we went into the club house to the starter where there they have a beautiful equipped Golf shop.

After paying we came out our our bags were on the cart and we were ready to go. There’s two golf courses on site.There’s the old course that’s been there for a number of years which I played several years ago, and then the new course which is called the Ocean Course which is a links style Scottish type golf course similar to where they’re playing the US Open this year at Chambers Bay.

  Half Moon Bay Ocean course, Morris shoots 69
Half Moon Bay Ocean course, Morris shoots 69

I actually think the Ocean course is better. the courses are very green, large and exceptionally well maintained it was hard to play golf.It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to get back to play again!!

When we finished up we drove back to the starter and the boys were there to clean our clubs are in our car up and put them in the trunk again a wonderful experience of great service..

 Time to check in.. We drove up to the entrance and was greeted with a big smile and they new my name a nice touch. The bellman took are luggage out of my car and sent to my room, very nice. Check in was quick and easy and of course with a big smile. We got a wonderful room overlooking the ocean and the golf course, and we couldn’t have asked for any better.The Ritz-Carlton just went through a complete remake of all the rooms and hallways.

Sunset Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Sunset Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

They went for a very light and bright look, very up to date!! The bed and the linens were top draw!I really like the power drapes and with a touch of a button you can set the drapes just like you want !! Oh by the way there were chocolates waiting for us, very nice. We had a dinner reservation so off to take shower and dress. The bathroom had a deep tub with lots of room for two and a glass shower and a separate room for toilet very nice.

 We were very lucky to get to eat at Na’vios, their signature seafood restaurant, Nactial – inspired decor is the perfect complement to the sea to table menu served there !! As we made are way down to the restaurant, its hard to describe how beautiful and romantic the newdecor is here!! After a multi million dollar upgrade of all the rooms and hallways, they decided to go with light colors, which really brightened up the whole place!! It just makes you happy!!!

 As we approach Na’vios you could smell the aroma of the food !!Our host meet us with a big smile and knew my name, a very nice touch!! I had requested a ocean view table and what a view we had. You could see for ever!!!

 Our server was great he knew when to come and help us always with a big smile.

Morris, Linda, Kevin Tanaka the Chef De Cuisine Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Morris, Linda, Kevin Tanaka the Chef De Cuisine Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

After having some the most delicious appetizers, I went for the corn soup, and for the main dish I order the ribeye I asked for some blue cheese cooked on my steak, and it was perfect,, As to are surprise Kevin Tanaka the Chef De Cuisine came out to visit with us after dinner..

Kevin told us how he goes to the farmers market in town to get the most fresh vegetables and meat possible,, Kevin really impressed us with his passion for cooking.

 After eating we went for a walk down to the fire pits to rest and enjoyed the view of the ocean and the beach  below us !!! Very romantic, a lovers dream come true!!

 After a nice rest we made are way to our room. Following a long day of driving and golf and eating it was time for bed and what a bed we had I wanted to take it home with me!!!

 We woke up to a beautiful morning and were ready to eat again. We could of course eaten at the Ritz but I wanted to go to the harbor and experience the local restaurant,, We found a great little place that was just right..

 After eating we needed to get back to check out … I really hated to leave it is one of the finest resorts you could visit I just wanted express how grateful I was to every one that made are stay here so wonderful your all the best!! I especially would like to thank Deanne French and Kaitlin Crawford and all those from the golf staff that made our stay very special!!

On are way out we were met by Manual Terra, the guests services manager,, I thanked him for a great stay and all the work they put into the NEW Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay, the castle above the cliffs With the golf ,spa and great staff and the ocean you can’t go wrong. It definitely deserves the five diamond rating it has !! So put this resort on your bucket list and come and visit!!!  you won’t be disappointed!!

With two bottles of Ritz water, Manual walk us out to are car which was waiting for us out front. It was time to go ,as we drove out we wave good by to the castle above the cliffs how I will miss this place !!

 See you next time with on the road by Morris Gerbin your vacation expect!!!

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