New Wearable Device Helps Golfers Shoot Straight



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New Wearable Device Helps Golfers Shoot Straight: It’s All About The Aiming

Patented sensing technology puts golfers in the right position for a “perfect” shot


San Francisco,Perfect Golf Today) 10/24/15/–Motionscape, a leader in golf technology products, announced today availability of The Aiming, the world’s first wearable golf aiming device. Using a patented motion sensor rotation algorithm, the Aiming directs the golfer to the right position for an accurate shot.

Using The Aiming is as simple as clipping the device on, standing behind the ball, and pressing a button. A voice then guides the golfer to the right position for a well-aimed swing, saying “perfect,” when the user is lined up correctly. Or put it on silent mode and a vibration will let you know.

“Aim is fundamental to a good golf shot, but at the same time every golfer knows that the game is at least 50 percent mental,” says George Cho, CEO at Motionscape, Inc. “The Aiming uses cutting-edge technology to take the guesswork out of lining up for a shot, while also giving golfers the ever-illusive confidence that reduces stress and saves swings.”

Ideal for golfers of any level, The Aiming can be used for tee shots, shots on the fairway, and on slopes as well as flat lies. The device is rechargeable, and a single charge can last up to 10 rounds. The Aiming can stay in the bag with the rest of a golfer’s tools for a great game. Just clip it on to a belt or waistband, press the device button, and follow directions.

Retail price for The Aiming is $149 MSRP and will be available this winter in time for holiday shopping with e-tailers such as Amazon, Newegg, Sears, Kmart, Target and Walmart.

The Aiming Spec Sheet

About Motionscape

Motionscape is a hardware venture company that develops golf products that leverage technology to improve the golfer’s performance and experience.




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