Chris Johnson Professional Golfer, Business Entrepreneur “ROLL THE ROCK”!


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Chris Johnson’s childhood dream has been to become a professional golfer, play in the PGA




 By Kay Schroeder

West Palm Beach, Florida (Perfect Golf Today) 11/25/17/–Chris Johnson’s childhood dream has been to become a professional golfer, play in the PGA, and establish a business that would empower other people to fulfill their dreams and goals. He started playing golf at the age of three, keeping a steady focus on his goal that continues today. All of his hard work, practice and perseverance are paying off; he placed fourth in the High Roller Championship Match Play, Major Series of Putting, October 2017 in Las Vegas. With this successful match accomplished, he’s already scheduled to play in two more upcoming qualifying events.

In response to my question: “Considering the high stakes pressure on you as a professional golfer, what are the things you do to get ready to play winning golf? What does a normal week look like when preparing for a tournament, non-tournament, qualifying event, etc.?” Chris replied,

Stroke Play Championship - MSOP Vegas MSOP Vegas - Major Series of Putting4512 × 3008Search by image The MSOP Stroke Play Championship is the ultimate individual event, boasting an impressive prize purse of $250,000. The winner will need to shoot the lowest ...
Stroke Play Championship – Chris Johnson Roll The Rock -27

The MSOP Stroke Play Championship is the ultimate individual event, boasting an impressive prize purse of $250,000. The winner will need to shoot the lowest …


Practice, Practice, Focusing on all the aspects of this game of Golf, Putting is the biggest shot in golf, you drive for show, you putt for dough. After winning during the MSOP Major Series Of Putting that was held in Las Vegas, putting series, it’s a matter of inches and having some Luck, is always good.


In 2012, Chris was invited on the set as a Golf Subject Matter Expert for the movie “Seven Days in Utopia”, which was directed by Matt Russell, starring Robert DuvallLucas Black, and Melissa Leo. The film is based on Dr. David Lamar Cook’s book “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia.”

In the movie version, Lucas Black, a young professional golfer who has a meltdown during a tournament; after shooting 80 in the final round, tries to escape his circumstances and ends up crashing his car in the small Texas town of Utopia. This serendipitous event is the impetus for his triumphant return to professional golf.

Early next year, Chris will be working with others on another movie about golf. I’ll check back in with you via with updates as the movie works toward completion. Best of luck to Neuar Premium Vodka family and Chris’ career in professional golf. We’ll all be cheering for you.


The Black Bottle Vodka That Has Become As Indispensable As the Classic Little Black Dress


Gluten Free, No GMOs, and Proudly Made in America

Promoting Empowerment Through the Path of Entrepreneurship

NEUAR PREMIUM VODKA Chris Johnson, COO Chris’ alma mater. Neuar’s Message is: Empower Yourself; and lean in to the possibilities of Empowerment Through the Path of Entrepreneurship.
Empowerment Through the Path of Entrepreneurship

What drives a millennial, laser focused on preparing himself to play in the PGA, to create a company that produces the best neutral premium vodka on the market? I found out some of the answers this week when I was fortunate enough to catch up to the very busy, professional golfer and entrepreneur, Chris Johnson for a telephone interview.

Chris said that he grew up in the wine and spirits industry. His father is Regional Manager of the largest distribution company in the USA. The Neuar quality driven family takes pride in delivering the best product to the market through the use of pure ingredients and materials. Neuar’s highest aspiration is to promote empowerment through the path of entrepreneurship while forging their own path in society and inspiring others to do the same.

Neuar Premium Vodka is meticulously handcrafted in small batches and carefully distilled from corn six times over. It is completely gluten free and contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).   Made in America, Neuar Premium Vodka is of the highest quality and is crafted to deliver the finest tasting vodka to today’s highly competitive vodka market.

Chris told me that the name Neuar is derived from the word entrepreneur, and with a little letter-finessing, Neuar became the company name. One of the company’s highest goals is all about “Empowering Yourself, and Monetizing an International Movement” that is relatable to people of every socio-economic strata. For a premium vodka, Neuar is affordably priced from $21 to $24, depending on the state in which it is purchased. Neuar can be purchased at ABC Liquor and Total Wines, and will soon be available for purchase online at: Expanded distribution is currently in work. Neuar is also working on designing and building their own distillery.

When I commented to Chris that the Neuar black, opaque bottle with the gold power symbol was very sophisticated and that it appeared Neuar was directing their marketing to the millennials and the higher-end consumer, he agreed that millennials, as well as older adults, were the customer base they had in mind when they designed the packaging (bottle) and the taste of the vodka. He said that during the research and planning process, he and his team realized several important factors, i.e., that their company name was different, the taste of their vodka was different, and Neuar’s message was purposely different. He felt it very important to have a bottle and taste that conveyed their style and their message.

The symbol on the bottle was chosen because it is internationally recognized as the power symbol. Millions of people around the world see and use the power symbol every day to power on their computers, cell phones, and a myriad of other devices. The gold on the power symbol and black on the bottle were chosen because gold and black are the colors for Mizzou (University of Missouri), Chris’ alma mater. Neuar’s Message is: Empower Yourself; and lean in to the possibilities of Empowerment Through the Path of Entrepreneurship.

Be sure to check out the Red, White, and Blue American Flag on the back of the Black and Gold Power Symbol bottle that represents the hope and reality of Promoting Empowerment Through the Path of Entrepreneurship.



To begin the evaluation, I asked a friend (Jane) to participate in the taste test and evaluation to provide additional thoughts and perspective on each of the chosen criteria: sight, smell, and the all-important sense of taste.

We started with chilled Neuar Premium Vodka poured into a chilled martini glass. Simple and clean, no vermouth or any other additions were included. This is important because I believe this is where the vodka will either shine or it will become evident where it falls short in sight, smell, and/or taste.


When you hold the filled glass up to a light, the vodka should have a slightly thick liquid appearance. High quality vodka that has been in the freezer may have a hint of blue or cream color. You may also notice a gentle sheen or soft glow.


Vodka should never have a medicinal smell reminiscent of ethyl spirits.


 Although vodka does not actually freeze, having it rest in the freezer for at least three hours before serving improves the consistency and brings out its best flavor. Be sure to give it a few seconds to warm slightly to ensure that your taste buds will not become too cold to fully enjoy the taste.

Some prefer to drink vodka neat (without ice, water, or other mixer, not chilled). While other aficionados recommend chilling the vodka to 48oF to obtain the cold, the weight, and the viscosity. It appears there are as many ways to enjoy vodka as there are people who enjoy vodka. It’s ­your vodka; drink it the way/ways you personally like it.

First, let’s talk about what a vodka should not taste like. Vodka should not burn the mouth or throat. It should not taste as if it might have been watered down with something. And, most importantly, it should never be harsh, burn, bitter, or feel rough on your palate.

Vodka should taste soft and smooth. I read recently that serving salted pickles with vodka is a nice accompaniment. (Here is yet another fun experiment to look forward to in the near future.)

Kay’s Evaluation: This vodka is a perfect stand-alone drink. The unexpected subtle flavor of cucumber provides a cool, bright, but soothing and refreshing mouth sensation. It’s a winner especially for people who do not like the sting present in so many other brands of vodka. Having sampled many brands over time, I find Neuar Premium Vodka as smooth as and better tasting than several of the higher-priced vodkas. It’s a winner!

Jane’s Evaluation: This vodka is very smooth and easy to drink. It is without the usual harshness I’ve experienced in other vodkas. It is perfectly suited for a special occasion out, or at home where it can be slowly savored.