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Pete Buchanan

Founder & Director of Instruction, Plane Simple Golf


Florida (Perfect Golf Today) 11/29/17/–Pete Buchanan, Director of Plane Simple Golf, has quickly established his program as one of the top instruction programs around the world. He has developed his Training Space program with you in mind. Pete has done the work to take out all of the junk, noise, confusion and unnecessary items that have kept your golf game from becoming the best it should be. You will find all of the content necessary to get your golf game flourishing with very little practice time. One program working at your convenience, unlimited potential. Join us and see how far your golf game will go.

Swing drills, exercises, articles and more to explode your game to great heights and have a lot of fun doing it. Any player, anywhere in the world can join in. Face to face and On-Line instruction. Make your game Simple. This swing program challenges the current status quo of teaching golf, giving you the tools and knowledge to identify your faults and correct them yourself.

For those golfers wanting to simplify their golf games, Plane Simple Golf Circuit will give them an opportunity to take advantage of Pete’s new revolutionary swing program that will give them great control over their golf and greatly improve their scores. Combine this with the Simple Swing Repeater to speed up your learning process for your repeated practice and golf swing performance.

Teaching over the past 30 years, Pete has been simplifying his golf swing philosophy in an effort to make it simple for players to play the game. After a career with the John Jacobs Golf Schools, Pete has put together a new revolutionary golf swing program that all golfers will find immediate results and a very simple approach to improving their golf games.Pete’s long tenure at teaching golf with thousands of lessons given brings to Plane Simple Golf one of the top teaching professionals in the mid-west. Pete is currently the Volunteer Assistant Coach for the University of Missouri Women’s Golf Team. Awarded Best Teachers by State from Golf Digest for 2017-2018.


Delivering the club with the forearms from a shallow angle of approach. The forearm rotation created by the SSR delivers the club thru impact not only with a square club face, it creates a shallow angle of attack for maximum force. This means added Power to your impact.


The SSR creates true repeatable impact in practice as you are now able to repeat swing after swing exactly the same. You will have more productive practice sessions in less time. Ball flight will become the same shot after shot giving you an awesome impact and what we all want – lower scores. You will be able to repeat your practice over and over and this will super charge your game.


The SSR allows your game to perform like never before. You will now have ball control with a square club face for straight shots and consistent lofts for distance control. Timing the impact is no longer necessary as the SSR keeps the club face square thru the swing. Consistent contact on putts, chips and pitch shots will make you dominate your short game.

Improve Your Swing with this Simple Brace

We have developed the SSR Training Brace to simplify the golf swing and make golf easier and more fun. Our SSR will allow you to practice more efficiently and repeat your swing with ease. Just picture your perfect practice repetition and repeated ball striking results. Now you can take your swing from the range to the course as you can play the entire round without having to remove the SSR.

On average, our clients are lowering their handicaps by 40% in four to six weeks using the SSR. Get started today!

The Simple Swing Repeater™

Designed to assist the golfer in maintaining and developing the proper positioning of the lead wrist and the angle formed between this wrist and the shaft of the club at address throughout the golf swing. This results into delivering the club back to the original address angle and square at impact. This is a key component of the Plane Simple Golf Swing. It is designed to be worn during practice, yet so comfortable that you can hit shots on the course while playing golf. AgainWhat separates us apart from all other Training devices is that you can put on the SSR and hit every shot in the game without taking it off.

Pete Buchanan

Plane Simple Golf Team

Ray Almada

Public Relations / Instructor, Plane Simple Golf – Arizona

Ray brings over 25 years experience in the golf school and hotel business. Ray has spent his time in the golf school industry with the John Jacobs Schools as an Instructor and Site Director. Ray also spent time as a successful Golf School owner teaching thousands of lessons. Ray has spent time traveling the country locating new golf school and golf course locations. Coaching with the Scottsdale Community College Golf Team has given Ray the experience and contacts to assist players in finding a collegiate program to play for. Working in Hotel ownership and operations, Ray is fully versed in hotel operations and management. This experience brings to Plane Simple Golf a wealth of knowledge in the overall operations and continued growth of premier golf vacation and golf academy locations. Ray is also Master certified in Plane Simple Golf Academy’s teaching program.

Al Cirrone

Lead Instructor, Plane Simple Golf – California

Al brings over 30 years experience as a PGA Golf Professional and instructor. Spending his career around Golf operations and instruction brings to Plane Simple Golf a wealth of experience. Al spent part of his teaching career on the John Jacobs Golf School staff with Pete Buchanan and is Master certified in the instruction of Plane Simple Golf Academy’s new revolutionary teaching program. Al has spent a great deal of his career in Southern California and is a tremendous addition to the Plane Simple Golf team.

Chris Johnson

Associate Instructor, Plane Simple Golf – Missouri/Florida

Chris comes to Plane Simple Golf Academy having just completed his collegiate playing career at the University of Missouri. During his playing time at Missouri, Chris had 4 top ten finishes including medalist honors at the George Washington Invitational which tied the Missouri scoring record of 199 for a 54 hole event shooting 66, 68 and 65. Chris also had one of the most successful Junior Golf careers for a player from Columbia, MO and has competed in golf tournaments since the age of 6. Chris has worked with an ample amount of sports trainers and sports psychologists and continues to work with many of them today. Chris brings to Plane Simple Golf Academy a complete Golf Training, Mental Focus, and Playing background. Chris brings a mental golf platform and an extensive fitness workout regimen to the Brain Body Swing Connection/Plane Simple Golf Academy Team

Chris is Master Certified in the instruction of Plane Simple Golf Academy’s new revolutionary swing program.

Dr. Jeremy Maxwell, DC

Medical Advisor, Plane Simple Golf – Level 3 TPI certified Medical Professional

Dr. Jeremy Maxwell Graduated High School in Pleasanton, CA. Attended College at
York College, in York NE from 1992-95, Earning a BS Degree.
Continued on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, from 1996 to 1999.
Opened Private Practice in Fayette, MO in 2001 and maintains this office today.
Decided to open a second Private Practice office in Columbia MO in 2005 and currently maintains this office as well.

Dr. Maxwell began work as a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor in August 2011 and received Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional Level 3 Certification in October 2013.

Dr. Maxwell is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. What this allows him to do for you is take you through an extensive physical assessment and screening that gives him information about what you can and cannot do and what your most likely swing faults may be as a result of your malfunctions. This information is combined with the Plane Simple Golf Academy Swing Program to identify and confirm the faults in your swing. We then build a Swing Lesson Program to eliminate the faults, and prescribe a regiment of exercises to help you overcome those weak areas.

Dr. Maxwell’s expertise is a valuable addition to the Plane Simple Golf Academy Team.

Rowdy Jones

Vice-President – Product Development & Marketing, Plane Simple Golf

Rowdy Jones Yes, that is his real name. Born Charles Rowdy Jones, He’s been called
Rowdy all his life. He can’t see himself as a Charles, Charlie, Chuck or Chaz,
so Rowdy it is.

As VP of Product Development, Rowdy is the co-designer of our Simple Swing Repeater Training Brace. Rowdy produced the prototypes of the Simple Swing Repeater the last of which is the current design that is available now.

Rowdy’s excellent skills in graphic design and marketing products are an asset to Plane Simple Golf. Much of the design of our current website and marketing materials has Rowdy’s imprint on it.

Rowdy grew up in a small town, where when you say you’re going to do something,
it meant that it was going to be done right the first time. And a handshake meant
it was a done deal. Two great values to live by even today.

Rowdy received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Memphis State University.

With over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry, as a
creative director, art director, designer and production director, Rowdy has become
a passionate account executive, listening to and caring for his client’s needs.

Rowdy has had the opportunity to learn from some of the very best in the business.
This knowledge has developed into a wisdom that’s second to none – making
him a very valuable team player for Plane simple Golf. Rowdy has the ability to partner with the very best vendors providing the very best products and services in the industry.

Management Consulting

With a combined over 70 years experience in Golf Club, Golf School and Hotel operations, Plane Simple Golf is available as a consultant for your Golf Course and Hotel operations. Contact the Plane Simple Golf Management Team if you are interested in receiving our services to assist you in improving your operations and increasing your profits.

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